Stay on top of your AI game with Microsoft AI School

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Whether you are new to AI or already a professional looking to brush up and expand your knowledge now besides Microsoft Learn, there is a platform dedicated to learning about artificial intelligence and that is AI School. AI School has a lot of learning material and self-paced learning paths you can use to explore the Microsoft AI Services Family.

The learning paths available span from 1 to 10 or more hours and include tutorials on the following categories:

  • AI Business School: A master class series for a business leader to learn how to use AI
  • Conversational AI: Everything you need to know about bots
  • AI Services: Learning paths regarding Microsoft Cognitive services
  • Machine Learning: Machine Learning Tools and concepts
  • Autonomous Systems: Learning paths about the future of automation
  • Responsible AI: Everything you need to know about Code for Good and how to develop AI solutions responsibly

If you are not sure where to begin you can use the Path Builder to help you create your own learning Path.

If you are a business and need more advanced scenarios on how to integrate AI into your solutions you can visit the AI Business School. With the AI business school, you can enable AI in your organisation and leverage it to your strategic advantage.

If you are not at all familiar with any Microsoft AI Solutions check out the interactive demos here before you dive into the learning paths.

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