Microsoft Bot Framework 4.6 new features

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After Microsoft Ignite and the announcement of the Microsoft 4.6 release, there are some exciting features announced that we cannot wait to try out.

  • Bot Framework SDK for Microsoft Teams. Built-in support for Teams messaging extensions, proactive messaging and notifications, and more.
  • Bot Framework SDK Skills (preview). You can now create reusable conversational skills and also leverage pre-built skills which comes with the language models, dialogues, QnA, and integration code. Pre-built skills include calendar, email, task, point of interest, weather, news, and more.
  • Adaptive Dialog (preview). Build conversations that can dynamically handle interruptions and context switching.
  • Language Generation (preview). Define multiple variations on a phrase, execute simple expressions based on context.
  • Python and Java updates (preview). Build in the language of your choice.

But the most awesome thing announced, in my opinion, is the Bot Framework Composer (preview). The Bot Framework Composer an integrated development tool built on top of the Bot Framework SDK. Now you can start with Composer and this low-code experience to create, edit, test, and refine conversational apps (bots), with the flexibility to extend the bot with custom code.

Bot Framework Composer Home Page

You can find and build the Composer on Github. Get started right away.


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