Create Cognitive Services Key for all APIs in the Azure Portal

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Remember all those keys we had to create to access Microsoft Cognitive Services. Well no more, now you can use the Azure Portal to create one Key to access multiple services with a single API key.

Use the following steps to create a  key to gain access to Vision, Language, and Search services using a single API.


To create API keys for the Microsoft Cognitive Services you will need an Azure Subscription. If you don’t have an Azure subscription, you can create a free account.

Create your API Key

Open the Azure Portal and sign in with your account.

Follow the steps shown in the video below to create your Cognitive Services API key.

Step 1: Create a new Resource
Step 2: Choose Cognitive services
Step 3: Fill in the Details needed (Name, Resource Group, Region, Pricing etc)
Step 4: Click Create
Step 5: Open your resource to get the EndPoint and API Keys
Step 6: Start Coding!


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